Cambridge Half Marathon 2019: Meet the Runners

The Cambridge Half Marathon is Next Sunday. On the 3rd March our two runners will tackle the roads of Cambridge for the for AKU Society. In this week’s blog, we will introduce you to two of them. Our runners have been training hard, and they are all raising vital funds for the AKU Society, so please donate to their JustGiving pages!


Katja Rudell, 44

JustGiving page.

1 – Why are you running the Cambridge half marathon?

I am running the Cambridge half marathon to support my ex-colleague Nick Sireau and his children! He told me about his children before, and I was both scared and impressed what he set up to help them with their black bone disease.

2- Why the AKU Society?

Nick emailed for volunteers to support the charity. I had run 10K s before, and I thought a half marathon would be a great challenge for me.

3 – What is your running history?

I have run the 5k four times and 10k two times before. This will be my very first half marathon, and I aim to complete it in 3 hours.

4- Interesting fact about yourself?

The interesting fact about myself is that my father is an opera conductor and I used to be part of an Opera ensemble and a classical orchestra in my youth, and I will most likely do some singing along the way.

Anastasia Tsifouti, 39

JustGiving page.

1 – Why are you running the Cambridge half marathon?

To raise money for AKU society and test my running abilities and do something different.

 2- Why the AKU Society?

My friends have two sons that have black bone disease. I have had a first-hand understanding of the psychological impact of this rare disease on the people that have it and their relatives/friends.  The sons are still young, and the physical impact is not noticeable, yet

3 – What is your running history?

I am not a runner; I have been doing CrossFit for the last three years. Previously I could run 5K easily, after one-month training, I am comfortable with a 16K run. I have never done a half marathon before; I am not sure how I will perform. 

4- Interesting fact about yourself?

I like challenges. 

If you are free on the day, then please come to Midsummer Common to support our runners! They will be wearing AKU running vests. 

Got an idea for a fundraising event? Keen to get involved in our community fundraising? We are always looking for new and exciting ways to fundraise. Why not get in contact with our fundraising officer, Juliet and share your ideas!

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