Introducing Juliet: Fundraising Officer

In this week’s blog, we meet Juliet, our new Fundraising Officer. Juliet will be involved in apply for funds from trusts and foundations along with organising exciting community events. All to support the vital work the charity does to help patients with AKU. 

What were you doing before you joined the AKU Society?

I was studying History at Newcastle University. I recently graduated in June 2018. I have always loved learning about history, particularly engaging with historical arguments. During the year I completed an internship at the charity Traidcraft, which fights poverty through trade, this was a really rewarding experience. I was also involved with personally fundraising for the charity Age U.K. I want to start the ‘Befriending Service’ in Cambridge, where I would visit an elderly person in their home for a cup of tea and a chat once a week. In February this year, I recently completed a sponsored skydive, which was amazing and helped conquer my fear of heights!

How did you find out about the AKU Society?

I found this position online, as I was looking at the person specification I felt I had the requirements for the role and felt that the AKU Society would offer me new opportunities and experiences with fundraising. With further research, I thought that the AKU Society Fundraising role would be a rewarding job and most importantly something that I would enjoy doing. 

Why did you choose the AKU Society?

I have always wanted to join a career where I could help others. Small charities have appealed more to me, as I feel like I can make more of an impact. As much as I did enjoy working at Traidcraft, the AKU Society interests me more as it is U.K. based. It was also nice to have a change in what the charity focuses on. To be able to meet the patients and see the positive effect the AKU Society is having on them is great.

What do you want to achieve most at the AKU Society?

I wish to raise a large number of funds to support AKU patients and fund current and future research into AKU. I look forward to meeting the patients and understanding their needs so I can organise fundraising events effectively. Through raising funds, I hope to feel like I have helped improve the lives of AKU patients.

What are your hobbies outside work?

I like gaming, both console gaming and playing board games. I enjoy walking, especially going to the Lake District with my family as we have a timeshare there. I love travelling, I have been lucky to go to many places around the world with my mum. She is American, so I have also been to America a lot. I wish to see new places such as Peru and Japan. 

Favourite book/film/TV show and why? 

My favourite book is The Glassblower, by Petra Durst-Benning. I always read it around Christmas time to get into the Christmas spirit. 
My favourite film is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I grew up watching these films with my dad and love that I can watch them again and again without getting bored. 
My favourite TV show is Game of Thrones, I have the box sets of all the seasons, and I am eagerly awaiting its final season that is coming out next year.  

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