7th Patient Workshop in Liverpool!


The AKU Society is happy to announce that we are holding our seventh Patient Workshop in Liverpool, on Wednesday, November 22nd.

The workshop will be held at the Bluecoat in the heart of Liverpool’s RopeWalks district. Registration will open at 9:30am with the event running from 10:00 am until 4:00pm. 

This is a free event, with food and other refreshments provided throughout. It is, of course, open to all AKU patients, as well as friends, family and carers.

The morning session will be used to plan and review our AKU leaflets. We are keen to ensure that the information we provide is relevant, and especially, that it tells people who have just been diagnosed what they need to know. We will also look at the content and design of a new leaflet looking at the genetics behind AKU, as well as at a ‘health passport’ for AKU. 

In the afternoon there will be a series of presentations including:
‘My Journey with AKU’ - three of our NAC patients talk about being diagnosed with AKU, and their experiences living with the condition.

‘Research and Findings’ - the team at Liverpool University update us on what’s going on.

‘Diet and AKU’ – Shirley, our dietitian at the NAC, provides updates on data obtained from patients regarding diet and its future implications.
Vitaflo and Nutricia will again have stands at the event, where you can sample their products. Both are specialist nutrition companies, which make products taken by some NAC patients with high tyrosine levels.

We will also be displaying Paingone (the original TENS pen, which stimulates endorphin production to relieve pain), as well as ‘daily living aids’ to assist with activities like dressing, pulling up socks and opening jars.

If you would like to attend the event or for more information please email [email protected].

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