Mental Health Discussion Week


From 16th-20th March we will be holding a discussion week focused around mental health. The main discussion will be held on our online community on PatientsLikeMe, where we have a private forum for AKU patients. However, we will be encouraging discussion on all of our platforms!

Living with long term health conditions can be very difficult. It can be especially hard for those living with chronic pain. Trying to cope with a physical illness can often trigger mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, or even feeling sad or lonely. There is often some stigma around mental health issues, and we think this is wrong. Everyone should have a space to speak about their illness with others, whether it be physical or mental, and nobody should feel isolated or lonely because of their condition. This week is dedicated to breaking down the stigma, and getting discussions flowing. To make it work, we need you to participate!

During the week we will be inviting in some visitors from other forums to discuss living with long term conditions and mental health problems. One of these visitors will be Pete Moore, creator of the Pain Toolkit, and inspirational public speaker. Some of you may remember he spoke at our patient workshop in June 2014 about how to manage pain in your own life without relying solely on medication.

We will also have our very own Lesley Harrison, who is our Patient Support Manager. In the past she worked as a nurse, and specialised in mental health.

To join the discussion, simply join PatientsLikeMe here. If you have any suggestions for discussion topics, please get in touch with Sorsha by emailing [email protected]

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