Our Eighth International Workshop on AKU


On Thursday 16th October we will be holding our eighth International Workshop on AKU. This year the event will be held in Sweden, at Hotel Ariadne.

From 9am until 5pm there will be experts from around the world speaking about the latest research and findings into AKU. Talks will cover topics from gait analysis to an update on AKU research in the USA.

Anyone who is interested can attend and registration is free. All you have to do is contact Anki Kihlberg ([email protected]) or Oliver Timmis ([email protected]) to confirm your place.

Our provisional list of speakers and their topics includes

   * Prof Elisabeth Holme (Professor at University of Gothenburg in Sweden)

The use of nitisinone in hereditary tyrosinaemia 1

   * Prof Lakshminarayan Ranganath (Coordinator and Head Investigator for the DevelopAKUre trials)

Alkaptonuria and the tyrosine pathway

   * Dr Jean-Baptiste Arnoux (Researcher at Hopital Necker in France)

Dietary management of alkaptonuria

   * Dr Gabor Barton (Researcher at Liverpool John Moores University in the UK)

Gait analysis in patients with alkaptonuria

   * Prof Alan Boyde (Researcher at Queen Mary’s University in London)

Rarer insight from rare microscopies in the study of rare bone diseases, especially AKU

   * Prof Annalisa Santucci (Researcher at University of Sienna in Italy and member of the International Advisory Board On AKU)

Amyloid in alkaptonuria

   * Prof Virginia Kraus (Researcher at Duke University in the USA and President Elect of the Osteoathritus Research Society International)

Osteoarthritis biomarker qualification – a work in progress

   * Dr Wendy Introne (Researcher at National Institutes of Health in the USA and medical advisor to AKU Society)

An update on alkaptonuria research in the USA

   * Dr Andrew Jones (Researcher at Royal Liverpool University Hospital)

Chronic pain in alkaptonuria

   * Dr Nicolas Sireau (Chairman and CEO for AKU Society)

A patient’s perspective of alkaptonuria

Please note that this is only a provisional list of speakers; speakers, times and talks are subject to change.

After the talks, there will be a tour of Museum Millesgarden, followed by dinner at Hotel Foresta. Transport to these activities will be provided. We hope to see you there!

DevelopAKUre is a co-funded project sponsored by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme.

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