Our Ninth International Workshop on AKU


The Ninth International Workshop on AKU will be held in Hotel Phoenix in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Thursday 15th October 2015. The day will run from 9am until 5.30pm, with many exciting speakers contributing to the conversation about AKU research. There is an optional evening dinner from 7.30pm onwards at the Hotel Phoenix.

Speakers will include:

Dr Anne-Christine Bay-Jensen, Nordic Bioscience, Denmark - Biomarkers in AKU
Dr Patrik Önnerfjord, Lunds University, Denmark - Cartilage – proteomics and biomarkers
Dr Anna Milan, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK - Metabolomic observations in AKU
Dr Kristian Kjær Petersen, Aalborg University, Denmark - Chronic joint pain – Understanding central pain mechanisms
Dr Ana Valdes, University of Nottingham, UK - Genomics and metabolomics in osteoarthritis and joint pain
Leah Taylor, University of Liverpool, UK - Quantitative assessment of disease progression in AKU
Dr Wendy Introne, National Institutes of Health, USA - Cardiac manifestations in AKU
Prof Michael Kjær, University of Copenhagen, Denmark - Tendon biology – basic and clinical aspects of use, disuse and overuse
Shirley Judd, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK - Controlling diet in AKU

To add to this, there will also be talks, and a discussion session lead by Prof L Ranganath, Prof Jim Gallagher and Dr Nicolas Sireau.

If you would like to attend this event, please register now on our eventbrite page. You must sign up by 1st September to secure your place. If you have any problems, please contact Eve by email: [email protected]

If you would like to stay at the Hotel Phoenix, please book your own accommodation here.

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