Photo Competition Deadline


We are launching an exciting photo competition to run alongside our crowdfunding campaign. We are challenging you to take photos in front of different time keeping devices. The person with the best photo will get themselves a selection of our perks as a prize!

As you all know, the title of this campaign is Cure Black Bone Disease: Time Is Running Out. Black Bone Disease is a progressive disease, so time really is running out for our patients. However, we believe we can beat this sand timer with our research, and your support.

From clock towers, to egg timers and hourglasses, we want you to get inventive, and take a picture with a time keeping device of your choice. To make the picture even better, you can print off our campaign picture to hold in the photo. This will raise awareness of the campaign too!

The winner will be the photo we think is most exciting or most inventive.

What will you come up with?

To enter just send your photos to [email protected], or tweet them directly to @AKUSociety remembering to include our campaign hashtag #CureBBD. The final date to submit will be Friday 27th March, and the winner will be announced on Tuesday 31st March. We look forward to seeing your entries!

Good luck, and get creative!

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