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From 11th- 15th August we will be holding a research and science extravaganza event. Have you got burning questions about research in to AKU? Do you want to know more about the genetics of AKU? Have you got a scientific question about the disease? This is your opportunity to ask the top AKU experts and researchers.

All week our panel of experts will be available on our PatientsLikeMe forums to answer your questions about AKU research. To take part all you have to do is log in to your PatientsLikeMe account and ask your questions under the relevant forum title. If you haven't got a PatientsLikeMe account, don't worry. Signing up is easy, fast and completely free. Just head over to the PatientsLikeMe website and make sure you join the AKU community when you sign up.

If there is not already a forum section relevant to your question, you can start your own new section to discuss a certain issue. All you have to do is start the forum title with 'Research Forum' so it is clear to our experts that the question is for them.

At the beginning of this year we held a similar forum session called the 'Online Clinic'. This was a great success and you can take a look at how that event went by heading over to the forum pages on PatientsLikeMe. This event will be very similar, but the focus will be on research. Please save your more medical questions for our next online clinic, which we will be holding again soon.

The experts will include:

   * Hana Ayoob (Clinical Trial Coordinator for the AKU Society)
   * Oliver Timmis (Project Manager for the AKU Society)
   * Prof Ranganath (Clinical Director for the National AKU Centre and Chief Investogator on the DevelopAKUre Clinical Trial project)
   * Dr Adam Taylor (Senior Lecturer in Anatomy and Director of the Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre at Lancaster Medical School)
   * Professor Isaac Jebaraj Jesudason (Founder President of the AKU Society in India)
   * Professor Jonathan Jarvis (Professor in Sport and Exercise at Liverpool John Moores University)
   * Dr Peter Wilson (Postdoctoral research assistant in the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, University of Liverpool)
   * Dr Richard Harbottle (Gene therapy researcher and expert)

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