Researching AKU: Our 7th International Conference


On Thursday the 17th of October, we will be holding our 7th International Conference on alkaptonuria (AKU). The day will feature updates from leading specialists about the latest developments into AKU research.

This year, our research conference will run alongside our second ever patient workshop. Attendees will be able to switch between the two events, giving them a chance to meet AKU patients as well as hear the latest AKU research.

It will taking place in the Foresight Centre at the University of Liverpool, from 9am until 6pm.

The conference will include talks from AKU experts about recent research, studies and assessments into AKU. Among their presentations, Dr Wendy Introne, from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will be speaking about involvement of the heart in AKU. Prof Ranganath, lead clinician at the National AKU Centre, will be presenting the research progress being made from assessments at the National AKU Centre. G Barton will also be discussing the latest addition to the National AKU Centre: movement analysis.

The program for the day will include:

* G Barton — Gait analysis in musculoskeletal disease
* W Introne — Cardiovascular Manifestations of Alkaptonuria
* J Jarvis — Update on the animal model of AKU
* K Chen — Application of computational mathematics and image analysis to monitor disease progression
* A Brandli — A xenopus model of AKU
* F Khan — Repositioning drugs for AKU
* L Ranganath — Progress from the Robert Gregory National Alkaptonuria Centre
* J Rovensky — Long term observation on 2 patients with alkaptonuria/ochronosis but undetectable HGA in urine
* M Alsbou — Long term assessment of alkaptonuria patients in Jordan and validation of the alkaptonuria severity score index
* A Taylor—Turnover and Ageing in AKU Cartilage

Following the conference will be a dinner with attendees and speakers, at the cost of £30 a head. Patients and their families attending the patient workshop are also invited. Places for the conference dinner are limited, so please inform us as soon as possible if you would like to attend.

To register for the conference, please email Pam Neagle at [email protected].

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