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  • Cambridge Half Marathon 2019: Meet the Runners

    Date: 22-Feb-2019

    The Cambridge Half Marathon is Next Sunday. On the 3rd March our two runners will tackle the roads of Cambridge for the for AKU Society. In this week’s blog, we will introduce you to two of them. Our runners have been training hard, and they are all raising vital funds for the AKU Society,.. ...more

  • Final meeting of DevelopAKUre and the 11th Scientific workshop on AKU – Siena 2019

    Date: 15-Feb-2019

    The AKU Society has just come back from a hectic week in the beautiful Italian city of Siena. We were not, however, there to view the incredible renaissance architecture or sample the lovely Tuscan wine, although we did try. Instead, we attended the final project board meeting of DevelopAKUr.. ...more

  • SONIA 2 - Last patients

    Date: 22-Jan-2019

    On the 18th January, the last SONIA 2 (Suitability of Nitisinone In Alkaptonuria 2) patients were seen at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital. This means that the patient element of the SONIA 2 clinical trial is now officially over. Patients from all over Europe ca.. ...more

  • Looking forward to 2019

    Date: 11-Jan-2019

    Now we are all settled in after Christmas and the New Year, here at the AKU Society we would like to take the opportunity to look at all our plans for 2019. From trips aboard to new research, it seems like 2019 will be as busy as ever. At the end of the month, the AKU Society team and tru.. ...more

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DevelopAKUre - A History

Today's blog is written by Nick Sireau the Chair and CEO of the AKU Society, It was in.. ...more

SONIA 2 and DevelopAKUre - Results

We are delighted to announce that all the data from the SONIA 2 clin.. ...more

Sociological Study on Treatment for AKU in the UK

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Other Ways to Give to the AKU Society

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Stand Up To AKU Comedy Night - Liverpool 2019

Our ‘Stand Up to AKU’ comedy night was on Sunday the 9th of June at the Hot Wate.. ...more